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Welcome to my blog, this is my attempt at blogging. I guess my goal is to crack a smile, have some fun and maybe share some local knowledge about the market.  I will try and keep this mostly about real estate but don't be turned off if you see a plug for a favorite local restaurant, yoga studio or even my latest local shopping experience.  I will openly admit that writing is not my forte but forgive any grammatical errors and let's try and have some fun! 





March 11, 2019

American Dream Canton Ma

The American Dream is a television show in its 5th year which started in California and is now streaming and airing in nearly every major US city. The show is shot all over America and in all 31 cities. The American Dream has 8-12 Power Players of Real Estate who come on every month and share content, properties, stories and lifestyles around their city.  We represent the top 1% of all Realtors in the Country and I am so psyched to be your local Power Player. 


March 5, 2019

Tuesday's Top 5 When Your Offer is Accepted

Tuesday’s Top 5 Tips are all about your accepted offer.  It's critical to understand that whatever goes into the offer you make, it gets carried into your purchase and sale.  So, let’s talk about what happens when you get an accepted offer.  The next step is scheduling a home inspection.  You want to hire an experienced home inspector who will give you the ins and outs of your home. The best thing to remember about a home inspection is understanding if there are any structural, mechanical, or environmental issues within the home.  We will talk more about home inspections at my next blog.  Once we complete home inspection, the next step is purchase and sale. Remember when I said that everything in your offer carries over to your purchase and sale? So, all your contingencies, like financing, if you are subject to selling your current home, how the property needs to be delivered to you, and some additional critical items that impact you and the seller all go into one document that is agreed upon between your amazing attorney and the sellers’ attorney.   It is important to work with an attorney when you are at this point. I have a few that I typically work with.    Next up is mortgage commitment! The mortgage commitment comes from the lender you are working with, all that annoying paperwork that they request helps them get your loan approved and allows you to breathe easy because you are now approved to purchase the home.  The final walkthrough is your final checkpoint to confirm the house is in the exact state you left it after the home inspection.  I typically check the heat and/or the AC to make sure the utilities are all working.  I also make sure the attic and garage are completely empty of personal items.  Once you do the final walk through the seller does not come back into the home.  Last and certainly not least is closing day!  Congrats, its time to sign a ton of documents and get the keys to your new home! 


If you are interested in buying or selling or just want to learn more about the process, contact me today! 

Feb. 19, 2019

Tuesday's Top 5 Tips


Kitchens are seriously my most favorite thing to talk about, we remodeled our kitchen about 3 years ago and if the budget existed I would still make some changes.  Trending for 2019 in kitchen designs is super exciting, first is the smart kitchen, you have heard of the smart home, well this is taking it to the next level.  Coffee makers programmed to tell you when your coffee is ready, refrigerators letting you know when you are running low on certain items, pretty much everything from lighting to motion the smart kitchen is getting smarter every day!   Kitchen cabinets are finally turning the corner away from boring white,  of course, we went with white cabinets and every time I see those gorgeous navy cabinets with the gold handles I get a little regretful.  Who knew that navy and gold in the kitchen was going to be a thing! 

This I am not a huge fan but open shelving with the upper cabinets seems to be a very hot trend.  Quartz countertops are still the number one and my most favorite is connecting my indoor space to my outdoor space it is perfectly sublime.  I would recommend before you jump into any remodel is to not only talk to the kitchen/bath designers but also talk to an interior designer, they may have a different outlook that will help you connect all the rooms in the house, starting with the kitchen.

Feb. 18, 2019

50 Beatrice way

Exquisite custom built colonial with intricate and thoughtful details throughout the home. Located in desired Spring Valley, this better than new construction is an entertainers dream. Gorgeous gourmet chef's kitchen featuring state of the art appliances; Thermador Pro Grand Steam 48" range, Thermador Fridge, Freezer and Wine cooler, and a 48" custom built vent hood. The well-planned breakfast bar and added wet bar creates a huge space for entertaining. Step out your oversized slider onto the deck overlooking the beautiful abutting acres of private woods right off the kitchen. The top floor offers an ideal bonus space with a second wet bar designed for entertaining, a private deck and hot tub. In every room, you experience the unparalleled details, from the crown molding, coffered ceilings, and wainscoting, this home will surpass your expectations. Four levels of incredible living space, this home is perfect for entertaining all occasions.


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Feb. 12, 2019

Tuesday's Top 5 Reasons Why Professional Photography is a Non-Negotiable

Why is Professional Photos so important when you are selling your home?

Let’s discuss for a minute that you are checking out some super cool shoes online, do you waste your time looking at shoes that you can’t really see the color? What about how high the heel is?  What if you can hardly make out if they are women’s shoes or men’s shoes?  Would you shop on that site?  No, of course not, you would breeze right by and hit one of the more dynamic, easy to shop sites and check out their awesome shoes.  Now buying a home and buying shoes are two VERY different things BUT….. the outlet is the same.  We know that, according to the awesome 2017 NAR Profile of Buyer’s and Seller that 51% start their search online.   It is critical to hire an agent that uses a professional photographer.  This should be a non-negotiable!  Your home should be photo ready, so here is your Tuesday Top 5! 

1. Bright light bulbs 

2. All window shades should be open to let the natural light in

3. All clutter should be stored away 

4. Yard should be free and clear of all toys, lawn games etc. 

5. Use an agent (like me!) who only uses a professional! 


Feb. 5, 2019

Tuesday's Top 5 Things Buyer's are Looking For in a New Home

  1. The kitchen, as they say, is the heart of the home. Today's kitchens are where the family comes to eat and socialize, how many house parties have you been to that mostly begin and end in the kitchen? Now, when you are getting ready to sell, you may not want to invest the dollars in a massive renovation, there are some things you can do to help make the kitchen feel updated. Painted cabinets, replacing countertops and even updating the appliances can help improve a dated kitchen's appearance.
  2. An organized laundry area, even if its still living in the basement can be a huge check for buyers. If you have not moved your laundry and it still lives in the cellar, try incorporating a laundry table, shelving or cabinets to help the space look organized and appealing.
  4. Lights and fans are an easy fix. Updating your light fixtures to something more modern and fun can be another check for buyers.  Easy to do and can go a long way for the prospective home buyer. Remember to make sure that all the bulbs are replaced and super nice and bright!
  5. Create a designated space in the back yard or the front porch or even get creative with the side yard. A little manual labor can go a long way to help design a picture perfect outdoor setting. 
Jan. 29, 2019

Tuesday's Top 5 Things!

Tuesday's Top 5 Things That Happen When Your Offer is Accepted! 


Woo Hoo- Looks like you are buying a new home, but wait, there is still quite a bit of work that needs to be done. Once the seller accepts your offer these 5 things usually happen in order.

  1. Home Inspection: This is the biggest purchase of your life, and I would always recommend that you hire a trusted home inspector, at the very least they will give you a workbook for how your home operates.  
  2. Purchase and Sale: Once the home inspection is done, next up is the lawyers.  They will draft, organize and communicate with each other and make sure that their specific party is well protected. My attorney works very closely with me on all my transactions and knows exactly what needs to get done to keep my client the most protected. Once this lengthy document is signed, you will submit the remainder deposit.
  3. Mortgage Commitment: After all the work you do with the lender, this is when we know we are in the clear. The bank tells us that they are committing the funds for your purchase. 
  4. Final Walkthrough: Yup, this is when you get the chance the opportunity to make sure the home is in the same condition when we did the home inspection.
  5. Closing Day: BOOM! You did it!  You just bought your first, second or third home! 

Jan. 22, 2019

Tuesday's Top 5 Reason's to Sell in the Winter!

Tuesday's Top 5 Reason's to Sell in the Winter

  1. Demand is strong!  Typically there is less inventory which drives up demand. 
  2. Way less competition!
  3. The process of selling your home should be much faster
  4. There will never be a better time to move up. If you are thinking about selling and getting into something bigger, higher price point, those homes tend to fall more into a buyer's market which is a huge benefit to you.  
  5. Ask yourself why are you selling?  If this is in on the brain think about your reasons to sell, is it financial, location or something else? Whatever it is,  why are you waiting? 


Jan. 15, 2019

Tuesday's Top 5 Things to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Top 5 Things To Get Your House Ready to Sell!

  1. Dehumanize your space- pack away old trophies, personal memorabilia, and even some photographers. Prospective buyers need to envision their own things in the home.  Working with me, we will partner with staging companies to help create space that may be more pleasing to the eye for a new buyer.
  2. Declutter!  The most important thing is to start packing up things that you know you won't need access to, the less stuff in the house the better it will show.
  3. Don't over upgrade! Now is not the time to start thinking about adding an addition or finishing the basement, there may be a few things to do that will help shine up the place without breaking the bank, working with me we will create a reasonable list that will help maximize the sale of your home. 
  4. Light and bright- easy to do, replace all the light bulbs in the home to make the place lighter and brighter, make sure that any area that does not have a bulb, one is added in. 
  5. Curb appeal- depending on when you are planning on selling, landscaping can be a crucial step to selling your home.  If you are selling in the winter make sure that all the snow is removed from walkways and driveway, and find seasonal plants that can live outside and survive. If you are selling in the springtime, hire that landscaper to spruce up the exterior of your home with seasonal plantings, shrubs, and freshly cut grass.  
Jan. 8, 2019

Tuesday's Top 5 Things You Need to Do Right Now if You are Thinking About Buying a New Home!

Tuesday's Top 5 Hits for Buying a Home

  • Getting pre-approved- Ok, now let’s briefly talk about getting pre-approved. This is important. I have
    multiple buyers that don’t want to do this step due to being misinformed. You need to get pre-approved
    to know how much you can afford and make an offer on a property. It’s also critical to be pre-approved
    before looking at properties. You are wasting your time if you start looking at $600,000 properties to
    find out you can only afford $450,000 homes. This is setting yourself up for disappointment, undue stress and mismanaged time! In some areas, sellers won’t even show you the property unless you produce a pre-approval
  • Hire the right realtor (Me!) This is a critical step! Work with someone who will work for you period. I live and breath real estate and will deliver energy, drive and knowledge to help you get exactly what you want. 
  • Don't buy for the life you have now, think about the future. A lot can change over the course of 2-5 years. The home you buy today should be something you can stay in for the next 2-5 years, just in case life throws you a curve ball.
  • Create your must have's and deal breakers- is it important to have 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths? What about a swimming pool?  Is it critical that your commute is bearable?  Do you want to be close to family? Think about these things before you just start hitting the streets to see what your money can buy. 
  • Get pre-approved. I know we already talked about this, I can not stress it enough!! Work with me and I will give you the perfect roadmap to finding your dream home.